McCully Station
McCully Station is an HO scale layout depicting a typical mid 1900's rural Ontatio scene. It is a small, portable layout measuring 4' x 4' and usually runs a 4-6-0 pulling frieght on the outside track and a 4-4-0 pulling coaches on the inside.

Forest Station

Forest Station is aproximately 2' x 3', HO scale and is bult in an antique suitcase. It was designed by Jozef when he was 7. Much of the construction was done by him as well. You'l usually see a "Critter" movng logs around this track.

The Guitar Case

"The Guitar Case" is just that. An N scale layout built into a guitar case. The scene depicts an old mining area and usually runs an 0-4-0 with a few ore cars. There is over 7' of track inside the case.

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